(Re: Coaching) “The first time I was coached by Rob, I was preparing to audition to play a gay cop from the Bronx - not who I am at all. After hearing the piece through once, he stopped me about a line into the scene and told me to notice the change that took place in my voice when I started 'acting'. He encouraged me to momentarily let go of the accent and voice of the character and to ground my work in my natural speaking voice. Rob then suggested that I didn’t need to work on various qualities I already had that were right for the part. Instantly, I relaxed; the pressure to perform and create a character was alleviated. I felt myself becoming the character almost right away. Both notes were superb bits of defusing and support that guided me into myself and allowed me to trust myself. He has a great eye and a great instinct.”
-Matthew Floyd Miller, actor (Broadway: Not About Nightengales; The Invention of Love. ACT: Tom Stoppard’s Rock and Roll; The Pillowman)

(Re: Coaching) "Rob is a fantastic and smart artist with a keen eye for helping shape a performance. I've had the privilege to share the stage, and many laughs with Rob at the People's Improv Theatre"
-Christopher Kauffmann (Off-Broadway's 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn')

(Re: Monologue class) “Rob is a wonderful and VERY effective monologue teacher. I had monologue classes in my college BFA program, but Rob has really got me to perform them better and with ease! He is the kind of teacher that you look forward to getting up and working in front of.”
-Marcy Finestone, NYC (AEA) actor

(Re: Directing and monologue class) “Rob directed me in a ONE ACT piece. He is QUITE — I mean an EXTREMELY good director. His course is probably great too. Feel free to pass it on.
-Bobbi Owens, actress (Desiree of Beverly Hills)

(Re: Directing) “Would love for you to direct (my production in the fall) because I'm so impressed with what you've done with “Desiree (of Beverly Hills)”. What some might call "demanding", I would call taking initiative and being motivated enough to actually create a good show in the worst of circumstances.
-Krista Fuller, actress (Desiree of Beverly Hills)

(Re: Directing) "Rob is a sensitive and gifted director, an actor's best friend!"
-John Fico, actor (Go Gently Forward)

(Re: The Playwriting Circle) "Hey everyone: Rob is a great writer/director/actor. I recently worked on one of his plays, and feel strongly that he's a very gifted playwright. His writing workshops would be valuable to anyone who is interested in developing their writing, with a big ol' thumbs up from me."
-Mel England, actor

(Re: The Playwriting Circle) "Rob runs a tight workshop and keeps the room safe for constructive feedback. The approach is unique in that it focuses on what people actually hear and see when they read your work, not so much whether this or that particular bit appeals to them. Pretty cool."
-Mark Sam Rosenthal, playwright (Menage a Trailer; Did We Win?; Beyond the Valley of the Switchblade Pussycats; The Indigo Girls vs. George W. Bush; Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Park Named Desire)

(Re: Playwriting) “Rob’s writing is so clear, honest, funny, surprising and reassuring in its humanness. So many stunning and funny images. Always with a surprising ending and/or a little epiphany. Rob is a great writer.”
-Tammy Ryan, playwright (Pig, The Music Lesson, Vegetable Love; Lost Boy Found at Whole Foods)