Terribly and in Private

"I thought if I came here, something would… allow me to, just, fully hate him. And, there seems to be plenty of reasons. But I guess, there’s no easy fix here."
Synopsis - Gaby's brother Gordon is killed by a speeding taxi. Neither Gordon's boyfriend Jimmy nor his eccentric brother, Brandon want to go to the funeral. Gaby sets a manipulative plan into action to get them both there. Their mother worries that the Catholic Church will discover that Gordon was gay and turn the family away, casket and all.
Multiple locations, 2 Female, 3 Male characters, Comedy Drama.
GABY FLYNN– Female, mid 30s, a character type. She’s awkward and unsure of herself. Driven by control issues.
JIMMY– Male, early 30s, masculine, sexy, hot, ruggedly handsome, gay, but you wouldn’t know it.
MOM, (Margret Flynn)– Female, 60s, gentle and meek. Lack of education has kept her unsure, confused, easily pushed around.
BRANDON FLYNN– Male, mid 30s, a recluse, a savant, with low spectrum Asperger’s and Trichotillomania. Nervous and anxious, but quite outspoken.
GORDON FLYNN– Male, mid 30s, attractive, ornery. Oscillates between masculine and feminine. New York artist meets Irish Jersey Shore. (doubles with Brandon.)
FATHER VINCENT– Male, 20s-30s, attractive, especially for a priest, but still somewhat unsure of himself. Doesn’t command respect, but seems like a nice boy/man.
Development - Terribly and in Private was written in a workshop at The New Group with Francine Volpe. It was given two private developmental readings and two public reading, subsequently.
Awards - Terribly and in Private was semi-finalist for the O’Neill Playwrights Conference.