Lana on Redeption Lane

"Ma, look at the sky. There’s like every fuckin’ color up there. Blue and purple, and look- There’s even that peach color ya like so much. That costs nuh’in’. We got that."
Synopsis - Lana O'Brien has lost her husband and her 5-year-old son in a car accident that she walked away from. She blames herself and desperately looks to others for forgiveness. Her heavy metal loving daughter, Angie, has trouble sorting out her emotions and gets involved with Phil, a, next-door neighbor (and probable sex offender) who struggles with self-forgiveness. Sister Mary Jude, an Irish Catholic Nun, has been told that she’s mean and is sent on a mission to prove otherwise. Barney, Lana’s Father-in-law, mourns his son and grandson’s death. His wife Katherine (Lana's Mother-in-Law) blames Lana for the death of her son. She wants to tear down Lana’s house and build a beauty salon. Her grudge against Lana's family dates back two generations to the Susquehanna Mine collapse.
Single Unit Set with one additional area, 4 Female, 2 Male characters, Dramatic Comedy.
Characters -
LANA O’BRIEN- Late 30s. She’s been wearing the same clothes for at least a few days.
She wears no make up and her hair hasn’t been attended to in some time.
ANGIE O’BRIEN- Lana’s daughter, 17. She’s emotional, but somehow male in energy.
She doesn’t whine. Her clothing is inspired by her love of Heavy Metal music.
SISTER MARY JUDE- 40-60, mean.
BARNEY O’BRIEN- Lana’s Father-in-law, 76, gentle.
KA-KA (Katherine)- Lana’s Mother-in-law, 73, angry.
PHIL- 40s, attractive, masculine, at peace.
Development - Still in development Lana on Redemption Lane was workshopped in the CUNY Hunter Playwriting program with Tina Howe.