Jamie 'Round the Corner

"You want to bust loose, but you’re scared. You want to dance, but you don’t. You say you want me to leave, but you really… Why haven’t you called the police?"
Synopsis - Donald, an aging gay man, meets attractive young Jamie in an infamous dive bar in the West Village of NYC. Jamie shows up at Donald’s late at night and the head-games begin. Trish, his neighbor, doesn’t think she can deal with Donald’s latest troublesome dalliance. She’s concerned for Donald, but also for once, she’s trying to take care of herself. Jamie shows up again and things start to get weird. We learn to protect ourselves from temptations, but sometimes that leads to over-protection, pushing people away and isolation. How do we find balance before it’s too late?
30 minutes, Single Unit Set, 1 Female, 2 Male characters, Drama.
Characters -
DONALD- Male, 60s-70s, Gay, slowing down, getting sloppy, but still attractive and charming.
TRISH- Female, 50s, an art gallery curator, a sophisticated New Yorker, but down to earth.
JAMIE- Male, 20s or so, very sexy, masculine, yet capable of camp.
Awards - Winner of the Nantucket Short Play Festival, performance TBA, after the pandemic.