Collision Theory

"Ma, what do you wanna do? Get into another accident? Drivin’ with one hand? Those people in the other car, Ma, they were people. They were people with names, Ma… and lives… and televisions… and chairs..."
Synopsis - New Jersey, Italian-American siblings, Frankie and Penny, grapple with their mother’s alcoholism when she has a head on collision, car accident. The family in the other car happens to be Mexican. Frankie, a lab-tech and science-geek, presents the phenomena of human interaction through the lens of physics, and much to his sister's chagrin, “gay-splains” the intricacies of race issues today. Penny surprises herself when she becomes attracted to Gabriel, the driver of the other car. They all struggle to convince their stubborn mothers that they have more in common with each other than they’re willing to see.
Multiple location, 3 Female, 2 Male characters, Comedy.
Characters -
FRANKIE – Male, early 30s, a gloomy disposition, effeminate, a gay millennial twink, Italian-American, New Jersey accent. He dresses down and in black. He twists his hair with his finger. “Ew” should come out like a karate chop.
PENNY – Female, early 30s, Italian-American, New Jersey accent. Frankie’s sister. She dresses in juxtaposition to her language. She models herself after Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn.
AURORA – Female, 60s, Italian-American, New Jersey accent, with a personality opposite of her name: Dark instead of light. She dresses casually, but is over accessorized with chunky bling. Frankie’s mother.
MAMÁ (Agustina) – Female, 60s, Mexican-American, still, quiet, yet judgmental. Well, put together, sophisticated.
GABRIEL – Male, 30s, Mexican-American. Agustina’s son. Well, dressed, almost flashy, but still sophisticated. He seems snobby but is actually quite sincere. In love with food, wine and life.
Development - Collision Theory was developed in a workshop at Primary Stages with Rogelio Martinez.