Posted on April 4th, 2011

The funny thing about an audition is, once you’ve gotten through it, unless you get the job, you don’t ever hear from them! It may have nothing to with how your audition went. You may not have been the right type. It could be cast already. Or, it may be (dare I say it!) your ability or experience. I know, ouch! Let’s say, hope and pray that it’s not that. It's one of the other many things we have NO control over, like height or some elusive energy! Yes, I know, this may not be news to many of you. But the question is, how are you dealing with it? I used to audition so much and “move on” from so fast, that at one point, I got to an audition and headed right to the bathroom. And, lost my biscuits! I may have been pushing myself, yes; I may have been legitimately sick, but it was a wake up call. I wasn’t processing all the rejection. And, this is when I was in my hay-day and working a lot!
Today, I am always seeking and cultivating a network of good, supportive friends to help me through… well, everything. It’s important to push through, yes, and believe in your own strength, bounce back, and persevere, but you also need to have your feelings. Seems really counterintuitive to cut off our feelings as actors, huh? So, it’s about finding the balance. Sometimes I need to be gentle with myself, and sometimes I need to be tough on myself. Honestly, often times, I’m pretty tough on myself. So, take it from me: letting go of rejection and having my feelings too, is a balancing act. It’s a circus trick! And, I’ve got to put a little time into being conscious of that balance everyday. Work and rest. Find ways to laugh and enjoy life. Nobody has tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA! Don’t burn yourself out. That would be a lot of wasted talent. Find the balance.

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