GET AN OUTSIDE EYE FOR THAT MONOLOGUE - The Audition Coaching Blog - #4

Posted on March 19th, 2011

SUCK LESS! (Can someone be irreverent, and smart and supportive at the same time?)

This is not my usual blog entry. I’ve been trying to indirectly share about acting issues and solutions, for beginner to advanced actors. (Advanced stuff has proven to be trickier to write about, so the blog seems to represent me as a beginner coach; I’ve been the “go to” person for a number of advanced working actors, so know, whoever you are: I can speak your language.)

Anyway, today I’ve got a marketing question for you, as I experiment with all sorts of ways of getting myself out there to you the actor! I recently, made up a postcard that suggests that working with me will make you “Suck less!” I’m quoting this really sweet woman I know, an actress; someone who you’d never expect to say something like that. It may be a little surprising out of context. But, let’s see if I get any calls for coaching from those cards. Those of you that know me well will probably appreciate the sense of humor, I hope! The intention (and I guess this is where the blog really starts!) is to bring attention to a big picture issue…

With so many variables in this business that are out of our control, what can we do –how can we make things happen in our careers? (This is something I learned to consider from Gary Garrison of the Dramatists' Guild.) There’s a lot of legwork to be done, whether you represent yourself or have the finest representation in the city. And, honestly, I don’t have a lot of answers for you there. I’ve seen my share of the ups and downs. But, I do know that you have to persevere. And, it’s wise to mix it up. Try different strategies occasionally. Try to be open-minded and listen to people on occasion. Trust your own instincts, but (when someone doesn’t sound like they’re giving advice that only they could benefit from), swallow your pride and take in people’s observations from time to time. Mostly, look for and go to as many those auditions as you can. However, the thing that is more in our hands than anything, is our own craft. The monologue that you’ve been using: Does it serve you? How does it serve you? Could it be better? Could it be fresher? Everyone needs an outside eye to look at all the work you’ve been doing and say, “These are the acting choices you should focus on” or “Have you consider other acting choices?” I’ve coached some really fine actors and they have all benefitted from my outside eye. This is where I start to sound like a used car salesman…! Well, you know where this is going. I love doing this coaching thing. I’ve been doing it for years and now I’m venturing toward doing it more often. So, let’s play. And, let’s all ‘suck less!’

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