ARE YOU REALLY TALKING OR "SHM-ACTING"? The Audition Coaching Blog - #1

Posted on February 14th, 2011

So, you're doing your monologue for me and as I watch and listen, I ask myself, "Is he really talking? Is he really sitting? Is he really standing? Is he really walking?" You've done all your homework. And, a lot of homework it is. Your brain is filled with all these obligations. You're trying to recreate all of the discoveries you made when you worked on it by yourself. Not to mention trying to remember the damn words! So, now what? Breath and relax. Take comfort in having an outside eye. You know it's impossible to not appear a little artificial here and there. Face it: you're acting! (Hopefully not shm-acting!) How can I help? Let's see what it's like to let go of character and all of those obligations and just simply work on one thing at a time. Let's start with talking. What's it like to really talk? Maybe this is the foundation to build on.

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