The great actors I've worked with...

JOHN FICO has helped me with many readings and he's a great 30s-40s character actor.
MATTHEW FLOYD MILLER has helped me with many readings, I coach him regularly and he's a very talented leading man/character-leading man.
CHRISTOPHER KAUFFMANN was in an improv class with me. He's a talented and energetic, late 30s leading man/character-leading man.
LARS ENGSTROM and I go way back. He's a a 40 something, sweet faced character actor.
THOS SHIPELY “Sexy, sultry vocals; performs along the line of charismatic greats Nat King Cole to Lou Rawls to Luther Vandross.” And, he played a couple roles in a show I wrote.
MATTHEW CUMMINGS was in a show of mine. He's a great guy and a talented and funny character-leading man. At 50 he's still got tons of boyish charm.